Masala Sound System
Tears of the Sun
Uzbekistan; Funk Rock
Michael Herrman [BUOY LaRUE]
Ser Raymond
Australian: Electronic
Julie Rousse
Improviser performer and electro-acoustic composer
Jules Calis
Comic Artist
Future Shorts Spring Program
Short films from all over the world.
"Children's Rights - 10 Years On"
Short doco on Children's rights
We Came Home to Premier at SCF13
Doco by Ariana Delawari
Adam & the I's
UK composer / producer
Afghan hip Hop
Paradise Diverse 143 Band
Afghan hip Hop
Streets of Afghanistan
Mountain2Mountain live size photo exhibition
Creative Despite War
Awesome doco about Kabul arts scene, shot by two of the SCF team, Chris and Rod.
Sound Studies Projects
Kabul Music School
Female Rap Artist
Mariam Alimi
Freelance Photojournalist
Ariana Delawari
psychedelic /folk rock/ classical/ indie
District Unknown
Kabul, Afghanistan | Doom Death Metal
FM: Farhad & Matin
Afghan Rap
Face Off
Afghan trad / rock / rap
Haroun Omar
Afghan Progressive House DJ
Sulleiman Omar
Dub DJ
Blue Pop Rock
Kabul Dreams
Kabul, Afghanistan | Indie Rock
DJ City Power
Electro House DJ
White City
Kabul Based; Punk Rock
Parwaz Puppet Theatre
Afghan Puppet Show
Nabila Horakhsh
freelance contemporary artist
Assadullah Baran Bromand
Afghan contemporary painter, sculptor, and photographer.
Kabul Sound Society
World / Fusion
Dark Artery
Graff Artist
Shamsia Hassani
Graffiti Artist / Faculty of fine Arts (Kabul University)
White Page
Kabul, Afghanistan | Heavy Rock
Pit Panther Party
Australia, France, Sweden; Heavy Riff Hip Hop
Ring of Steel
Turning it up @ Sound Central Festival, Kabul Afghanistan
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