SCF Mascot
We are proud to reveal our festival mascot: Blackie.
Made by our dear friend Munira.
If you would like to order your own SCF mascot or get a orignial design made, then email Munira at:
From Munira:
Bwoken Wabbits is a project that, at the beginning they were just Rabbits or Bunnies. My friend Ru from White City had suggested the “Bwoken Wabbits”. They are all sewn from random pieces of leather and different fabrics.
The process of making every bunny is absolutely unique. I never know what will be the result and how the bunny will look in the end. I have a mood or may be a special moment which I want to reflect in this specific rabbit and I begin the work with this idea in my head. Then the bunny shows the way he should look like. For this moment there are absolutely no two identical bunnies. Everyone is unique.
I decided to make a special edition for the festival that reflects RnR and the spirit of music globally.
About Munira:
Menswear designer getting the main inspiration from music, making her clothes for musicians, rock’n’rollers and other people with this rock’n’roll energy inside. With hobbies as sewing bunnies, making animation and shooting rock-concerts.
My label “Flying Elephants”
Turning it up @ Sound Central Festival, Kabul Afghanistan
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