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6 Health Benefits of Bath Salt

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When it comes to bath products, one word that tops the list is Dead Sea salt. For its extraordinary therapeutic qualities, the salt is recognized by the World Health Organization as a medical-grade product. With continued research and studies, this salt has consistently been shown to have numerous health benefits for people of all ages. Most importantly, however, many people are realizing the tremendous benefits of Dead Sea salt baths and minerals for their home environments as well. These benefits include:

o Reduces Muscle Stress and Damaged Skin – By increasing blood flow and stimulating relaxation, dead sea salt helps to soothe and energize tired and damaged muscles. The high levels of minerals in the Dead Sea Salt deter bacteria growth, which in turn keeps the water in your bath fresher and cleaner for longer. A soothing, refreshing bath makes the process of relaxing more pleasant. AHAVA's bath additives also help to alleviate muscle spasms and joint pain, naturally renewing the skin's structure so it retains that healthy luster. Shop for dead sea salt, in both unscented and scented versions, at AHAVA for the greatest of natural health benefits.

o Improves Your Energy Level – Epsom salt and the Dead Sea salts are rich sources of magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. High levels of these minerals in your body provide you with energy to help you fight stress and fatigue. With an Epsom salt soak, you can also release toxins that accumulate within your cells and your nervous system. Another added benefit of baths and Dead Sea salts is that they naturally increase your metabolism, aiding weight loss when combined with a diet low in fat and carbohydrates. If you would like to improve your energy level, shop for bath salt and the Dead Sea salts at AHAVA.

o Boost Your Mood – Epsom salt and Dead Sea salts are rich sources of Vitamin B-12, an essential nutrient that helps promote overall good health and well being. In addition to the benefits above, a soak in the saltwater will also provide you with a delicious flavor boost from essential oils. Certain essential oils react with water to produce delightful fragrances in aromatherapy, including lavender, jasmine and rose. For the most part, bath and Dead Sea salts are not commercially available, but AHAVA sells a variety of scents including lavender, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, and lemon. If you would like to improve your mood, shop for bath salt and the Dead Sea salts at AHAVA.

o Aromatherapy – Salts and bath salt have been used in the East for hundreds of years, by healers and patients alike. When aromatherapy is used in conjunction with essential oils, it can help you treat your body and mind from within. Essential oils help relax you, calm frayed nerves, and offer relaxation therapy. If you would like to incorporate bath salt and essential oils in your bath routine, shop for bath salt at AHAVA.

o Help With Memory – If you suffer from poor memory or short-term memory loss, it may seem like your brain is working against itself. You may also experience panic attacks or depression when you have to stay up all night reading a book. You may also want to consider bath salt and dead sea salt products to help refresh your memory, so shop for bath salts at AHAVA.

o Helps With Shower Enthusiasts – Showers are a time when many people need a little cheering up. If you would like to be pampered with a nice relaxing bath before you take your shower, consider a bath salt product. It's better to soak in a larger amount of salt, as a smaller amount will wash away with hot water, leaving you with a smaller amount of soaking time, which is great if you are going to be in a rush. Also, another benefit of bath salts is they do not create a hot-water mess, so you don't have to worry about your clothes getting tangled in the hot water.

When shopping for bath salts at AHAVA, look for the essential oils listed above. They are all-natural and come in several different forms. For example, you can get bath salts that are in the form of a liquid and tablets. You can also find Epsom salt, magnesium sulfate, and other forms at AHAVA. Shopping for essential oils at AHAVA is easy and convenient, and helps you make good decisions about your health and your bathing products.

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