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A Guide To Buying And Installing Solar Covers

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Solar Covers have several benefits:

Solar pool covers help to increase the temperature of the pool water. They reduce, in fact almost eliminate, heat loss from evaporation. They help to retain heat in the swimming pool. They help to reduce dirt and debris contamination of the water. 

To get the most of these benefits, it is important that a cover fits the pool well. To be most effective they need to lie flat on the water, without any exposed areas or curling up the wall. This will allow the greatest amount of solar energy to heat the water. To get more benefits you can also check out the best automatic retractable pool covers or pool cover reel & roller via online sources.

best automatic retractable pool covers

For basic shapes, such as round, rectangular, or pools with roman ends, the finished product can then be tailored exactly to match your pool. For highly shaped pools, however, this may not be possible. For these tools, you need to measure the longest length and the widest width, order accordingly then trim on the pool.

When you install your cover, it should be placed flat across the pool with the bubbles on underneath. Try to smooth out any wrinkles as you go, although due to the nature of the material, this may take a couple of weeks. Extra care should be taken when handling the cover on the pool surround as it is easy to drag and then damage the bubbles.

If required now trim the cover using a pair of household scissors. If your pool is a complex shape then it is best to do this in two stages. Initially cut the cover about six inches larger all around, and then go round a second time fine trimming in. If you are using a reel system with your cover, then it is sometimes best to have the cover a couple of inches narrower than the pool. This allows the cover to glide easily over the water, without the friction caused by rubbing on the pool wall. 

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