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Alternative Dispute Solution And Its Benefits

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The field of ADR and conflict management has brought new ideas to negotiation and significantly enriched the theory and practice of negotiation with assistance, mediation, and moderation. It has additional practical tools for diagnosing the causes of conflicts and for linking diagnoses with ADR methods. There are some companies like stat11 Inc that provide the best ADR services in Canada.

The ADR field codifies a new language for interest-based negotiations. And most of that knowledge comes from the case of the environment and natural resources. Most of the ADR literature is written by negotiators or mediators themselves for their own work, case studies by external observers, and developing theoretical roles.

The main differences in ADR are distributive negotiation  – negotiation of a certain amount in which one country loses to another – and inclusive negotiation (with a positive number or profit) where decisions all win. The conclusion of the cooperation agreement can be the goal of the integration negotiations.

This depends on identifying the value and activity underlying the position; Use this interest as the basis for a permanent agreement; Diagnosing the causes of conflicts and designing appropriate processes; And focus on procedural and psychological events that are satisfying and essentially satisfying. Interest-based negotiation or negotiation is the preferred method of achieving this.

In traditional position or distribution negotiations, countries with higher positions are exposed, while they remember lower positions and sometimes negotiate between them. Sometimes this is possible. On the other hand, interest-oriented or integration-oriented negotiations must meet the needs of other countries and pursue common interests.

Instead of moving from one position to another or backing away from an agreement, negotiators who take an interest-based approach try to identify the other party's interests or needs before developing concrete options. Often external help is needed to facilitate dialogue, not optional dictation. In essence, this is a process of social understanding.


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