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An Introduction to Casement Windows

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The casement windows are very popular, especially in windy areas. These windows have cranks that swing open the window out of seals that are tighter than other types when the wind blows towards your home and tight sealing is profitable because it offers efficiency and stability to your home. There are a number of reasons why most people prefer casement windows to their home and they enter the following.

The aluminum casement window closes with a tight seal between the sash and frame. Thus, they hardly leak out air. Plus, because they provide excellent ventilation, they automatically reduce the cost of heating or cooling for your home. They are very good for emergency evacuations. Because these windows are completely open, they are perfect for jumping out easily. They fulfill the fire codes and therefore are perfect for the basement.

The flexibility of casement windows makes it an ideal choice for almost every room at home. Using the casement window in the kitchen-diner area, the study room, and the library-type rooms are very effective – and having a run of casement windows along the back of the lounge can give the back of the house a proper conservatory feel. Running the casements around three sides of a room after the manner of a wraparound add-on can make the whole place feel connected to the garden places – bringing the outside in the best architectural way.

Casement windows are strong, versatile, and an additional classic to any house. With a range that spans every budget and installation requirement- from a very simple, and very affordable, to very large and completely bespoke – Casements have something to meet every housing need and can provide a beautiful finishing touch to every home.

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