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Assisted Living Facilities- How To Stay Connected While Apart

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It's common knowledge that social isolation over an extended period of time can negatively impact any person’s health, but isolation can be especially devastating for the elderly. 

In most cases, it's relatively simple for family members to stay connected to their elderly loved ones — they can visit, take their relatives on trips or local excursions, and encourage engagement with a social support network outside of the home. If you’re looking for comfort, consistent support, and a community where you or your loved one can thrive and maintain independence, then trusted assisted living facilities from may just be the perfect option for your needs.

Leverage Technology

While seniors might not be particularly savvy with technological tools like smartphones and laptops, it's a good idea to get them access to these tools when visiting isn't an option. That way, they can use video conferencing, chat rooms, and other virtual communities to maintain social connections, even if a physical visit isn't possible.

As technology has progressed, options for virtual connection have expanded, with virtual fitness classes and even dating apps designed specifically for the elderly.

Go Old School

Regular phone calls can be a great way of maintaining a connection with elderly loved ones. Asking them to tell you more about their experiences or teach you a skill they have developed could be a great opportunity to connect with them while demonstrating how much you value their presence in your life.

Alternatively, there are few things more meaningful in a digital age than a hand-written letter. Consider becoming a pen pal with your loved ones to stay connected, no matter where they are in the world.


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