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Beginner Yoga Class Checklist in Annapolis

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In Annapolis, you might be new to yoga and not know what to expect when entering a beginner's class. It is possible that you don't know where to begin when choosing which beginner's class to attend. Here is a "how-to" list.

Find the style that suits you best.

Everybody comes to yogini lessons in Annapolis for different reasons. These differences can be subtle or vast.

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Are you more interested in a vigorous physical workout with throbbing music or a spiritual path to (quiet) enlightenment and peace? Is yoga a way to improve your physical or emotional health?

Do you care about the rich tradition and philosophy of yoga? Or are you more interested in the mantras and recitations of mantras?

You can start setting goals once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for. Ask the instructor of the beginner yoga class that you are interested in and if they can accommodate your expectations.

Make sure that the teacher is properly trained.

Yoga is a major contributor to injuries in sports. Two factors can explain this: too many students trying to be perfect and insufficient training for instructors.

Ask your potential instructor questions about their past. An instructor can obtain certifications to teach "gym Yoga" throughout a weekend. Three days of training is enough to make someone unsafe. This is not to say that people who begin with such certifications aren't capable of becoming excellent instructors if they put in the effort to improve their skills over time.

It is a good rule of thumb to find yoga teachers who have at least 200 hours of experience. The Yoga Alliance in Annapolis offers a list of registered teachers who have completed training programs that meet specific standards.

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