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Bible Study Guide- Ensuring That Your Lessons Will Make an Impact

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Sunday school is, in many cases, the first place that the children of the congregation will have the opportunity to learn about their religious teachings. You, as a teacher, act as a Bible study guide to your students. 

By combining fun Bible activities, you help ensure that your teachings will leave the sign. You can read interesting Bible facts and statistics that will help you understand so many things that weren’t clear after reading the Bible. 

Object lessons are a great way to strengthen the teachings that you have as a guide to the Bible study class. This week's school activity focuses on lessons while it can be difficult, God uses these difficult times to make us more like Jesus – and he is always close to us.

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For this biblical activity, you need a stained silver tray and silver paint. Ask your young ministry class if they know how silver is made. Explain how there is a crafter in the past that will form and create a functional object of silver. But first of all, silver must be made pure. To repair silver, silver will hold the silver on the flame, remove the metal to heat.

Read Malachi 3: 3 to your Sunday school student. It is said that God "will sit as a refiner and silver cleaner." Explain that sometimes, it may feel like God keeps us over the flame when we experience a difficult time in our lives. 

However, God does not just leave us to fire – he remains with us, witnessing the flame and silver very carefully. The moral of this activity is to find out that God will never let us continue beyond the fire (or past a difficult time) too long. He will never let us be destroyed.

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