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Capsule Cleaning and Polishing Machine

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For Dust removal, cleaning and polishing of highly glossy hard gelatin capsules. The Seidenader PM 60 is a machine for dedusting, cleaning and polishing For dedusting, cleaning and polishing hard gelatin capsules to high gloss.

The Seidenader PM 60 is a machine for dedusting, cleaning and polishing. He was constantly cleaning the capsules and carefully moving them to the next process.

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Coarse dust has been removed during the feeding process on the vibrating conveyor shaft before the capsules fall between the polishing belts. Very gentle and chemical cleaning and polishing produces a glossy effect, even on the capsule tip.

The PM 60 can be integrated into a complete line between two production steps. We recommend using the PM 60 in combination with the Seidenader V 50-2 inspection band. Capsules are cleaned, polished and inspected in one process.

A large number of capsules for cleaning and polishing are fed into the feed hopper. The capsule feed is regulated by a sliding lock in the feed hopper opening and a vibration channel which can be adjusted continuously for the conveyor.

The capsule passes through a vibration conveyor groove between two polishing belts as it moves through the polishing stage. Two opposing belts clean and polish the capsule. The bottom belt works faster than the upper belt to transport the product. The dust is continuously removed from the polishing bristles with two vacuum units.

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