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Chiropractic Treatments Can Include More Than Just Spinal Manipulations

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Chiropractic Care has now become commonplace across the US. Around thirty percent of people suffering from lower back pain seek chiropractic services. The practice of Chiropractic Manipulation is now on an extremely short checklist of guidelines that are national to manage acute low back pain.

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There are a variety of "schools of thinking" in chiropractic education which is why chiropractors deal with patients of different disciplines. They also have variations in the methods of spinal manipulation that they administer. However, what many people are unaware of is that chiropractors can do much more than simply manipulate.

Additional treatments offered include Spinal Decompression Therapy, Physiotherapy as well as Physical Rehabilitation as well as Bracing, and Manipulation Under Anesthesia. Many Chiropractic Doctor Offices are similar to physical therapy clinics, with all the treatments for pain management that are offered. 

Some Chiropractic Schools teach physical rehabilitation that incorporates some of the same principles that are used in physical therapy like core strengthening and lumbar stabilization.

In addition to physical therapy, chiropractors provide therapeutic techniques to relieve pain, including interferential treatment (transcutaneous electrical stimulation) and cryotherapy (ice), and ultrasound or massage. 

A typical rehabilitation session will consist of the active stretching of muscles and strengthening as well as therapeutic techniques, spinal manipulation and possibly spinal decompression when indicated.

Patients who undergo bracing can get significant relief from pain as well in the knees, the spine, and the extremities. Certain Chiropractors have been trained to recognize who they can assist and are also competent in fitting patients for their needs.

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