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CRM Software – Hosted or In-House?

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Any software that companies depend on for their survival is bound to cause a lot of controversies when a change in the status quo is inevitable. Customer relationship management software is increasingly recognized as the premier business software for its strengths and capabilities. 

CRM software is used for everything from online sales to market research to customer support, CRM software has evolved into a one-stop decision-making application. This feature integration is one of the reasons why Microsoft entered the CRM arena in a big way.

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Many sales-focused companies have tried various CRM software solutions with varying degrees of success. This makes the decision for a new CRM solution more controversial. 

Key end users, sales representatives, customer service representatives, and IT technicians may have conflicting preferences and cost considerations. Then the decision to upgrade or test a completely new CRM system is hard to make, but managers and sales leaders don't have the information necessary to avoid a catastrophic decision.

However, all businesses thrive and reach a transition period where they may find that their legacy software systems are not meeting their needs. New technologies such as the wireless revolution pose challenges for software service providers. 

CRM software is an information technology resource that sometimes cannot meet current business needs and needs updating. Sometimes a company's IT and sales departments experience performance bottlenecks, along with software bugs and issues that make them wonder if a better CRM solution is available. 

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