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Different Types of Garden Pots

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Garden pots are essential for providing a healthy environment for plants to grow in. They not only improve the appearance of your garden, but they also provide excellent functionality in terms of use and maintenance. They are lightweight and can be stored anywhere in your home to add green and aesthetic value. Here are some different types of garden pots:

  • Plastic garden pots: Plastic garden pots are the most common type of container for plants. Many plants are sold in plastic containers, but you can also purchase them separately when moving your houseplants. They are economical, easy to clean, and for the most part quite simple. You can also buy large garden pots at cheap rates – The Rock Yard.

  • Resin potsThe resin case is made of a heavier plastic. Many are made with fantastic designs or use resin with added color and texture to imitate stone.

  • Clay pots: Pottery is made of porous red clay or terracotta. They are heavier, have drainage holes at the bottom, and are quite heavy. Clay pots are usually used for plants that like to dry out (think cacti).

  • Cachepots: Cachepots are ornamental pots or containers. They are usually made of ceramic, but can also be made of metal or plastic.

More importantly, pick a material that you like and treat the planter well. To create your backyard flowering design, you can easily use a variety of flower pot materials.

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