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Essential Bartender Tools For Private Parties

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If you're learning the art of bartending, or you are looking to earn an extra income as a Private Parties Bartender i.e. a bartender that works at events, weddings, etc. It is essential to understand which tools you require to be aware of and which ones you need to have before beginning.

A bartender's shaker is the most crucial element in his arsenal. WHY? To begin that so many drinks are made using this device (shots martinis, cocktails, etc.) that you'll need one that functions and is well. I would highly suggest that you invest an extra amount to purchase a portable bartender cocktail kit of top quality. 

Buy Travel Bartender Kit

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It is essential to have an opener that can open both wine and beer bottles. Do a simple Google lookup and see hundreds of different kinds of bottle openers that are designed for speed as well as quality and efficacy. 

In the case of the bar, you'll work at it's possible to invest in one of these elegant speed-openers. However, the key is to own more than just one opener. You can lend it out or take it away, and you don't wish to catch it without the right opener.

There are speed pourers for a couple of dollars. They can dramatically improve your speed and efficiency as well as precision when pouring alcohol. If you're working it at private parties it is essential to have one.

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