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Furniture And Accessories For Your Orangery

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The orangery became popular in the 17th century with the arrival of citrus plants. Originally, the orangery was a privilege for wealthy families with larger homes and furniture was usually just moved out from the main house itself to the area. 

With the increasing popularity of the orangery in many homes, there are numerous furniture options and accessories that go wonderfully well with the room. You can check out this site (also known as kijk op deze site in Dutch language) to buy orangery extensions.

Rattan furniture has been the typical furniture of choice for orangery and wicker has also been often used. This is because both are easy to maintain and also very comfortable, especially when covered with cushions and cloths that don't fade. 

This form of furniture still suits orangeries and there is a certain old-style appeal that many people enjoy. Designer furniture can also be perfect for use in an orangery. As the area is more permanent in its build, it often looks great with more permanent furniture. 

Of course, the orangery is not just all about furniture, there's much to consider when it comes to plants and other extras. Investing in some nice plant pots made of clay can give a wonderful natural feel to the orangery.

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