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How Does A Hurricane Survival Kit Can Save Lives?

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When a hurricane hits, it's important to have skills and know-how to protect yourself and your family. Hurricanes become increasingly dangerous and they occur more often. Even if you have lived through a storm before, there are some survival tactics that can prepare you for the next.

The storm is a tropical storm with wind reaching more than 75 miles per hour and usually occurs in the ocean area. The storm is called a different name, depending on where you live, they are called typhoons, and tropical cyclones, but both are the same as the storm. To buy a hurricane survival kit, visit

There are also some parts for storms including eyes, which are in the middle of a storm; It is usually quiet in the eye and can cheat during a storm, never get out of your home until local officials tell you to do it, the storm might not end, you might be in the eye. Right outside the eye is an eyewall; This is where you will find the strongest wind and rainfall. 

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The spiral band is located outside and can produce very large wind and rainfall. There are five categories for hurricanes. With a wind speed of one storm of more than 75 miles per hour and the category five storm can have a wind speed of 155 miles per hour or more with two to four categories producing winds including.

It is important to discuss with your family and loved ones what you will do before a storm attack. You must have detailed packages available if the evacuation is mandatory. 

You can assemble a small kit that you store in a safe place and include the first aid kit, flashlight, and radio with extra batteries, canned foods, water supply, raincoat, sleeping bag, and items that cannot be lived by babies or elderly, Without life savings.

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