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How to Choose a Gynaecologist in Nairobi

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Gynecology is concerned with the health of the female reproductive system, which is very delicate and, like the rest of the body, requires detailed research and knowledge. 

There are many diseases that a gynecologist will consider such as cancer, urinary problems, menstrual cramps, etc. Let's take a look at some things to consider when choosing your gynaecologist in Nairobi via

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Do you need a gynecologist who is also a practicing obstetrician?

You have to decide whether you want to have children or at least keep the possibility of having children. When choosing your gynecologist, it is important to choose someone with whom you will have a long-term relationship.

Another aspect you may want to consider is whether or not this obstetrician-gynecologist practices in a group of healthcare professionals. Most women prefer this because they say your doctor is unavailable for some reason then there is another doctor watching your case. 

Assuming your obstetrician is on vacation and your birth begins, this could be a problem. Many women prefer private gynecological care because of the personal approach and attention.

Ask for recommendations:’

Ask your peers for recommendations and it would be nice to take their suggestions seriously, especially if they have children and an OB/GYN is highly recommended by them.

It is a good idea to ask your doctor for name suggestions as he will definitely recommend a good name even if he is part of a network. Ask the reason for the recommendation and get feedback. Don't believe blindly.

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