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Know About The Indian Classical Dances

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India! is a large country that is developing very fast. It's so much to offer that you can only bite little by little. From the trains, classic taxis, great architecture, culture and finalize it all, the Taj Mahal. A building that has stood for generations and exudes nothing more than the greatest love story of all time. However, you can enjoy classical Indian dance which has many captivating moves that will not disappoint.

India offers many dances that can be followed in different parts of the country. Each dance form represents the culture and morals of a particular area or community group. Bharatanatyam is famous for all its moves and hails from Tamil land. You can search for the best bharatanatyam dancers via to learn this beautiful form of dance.

There are also Kathakali and Mohiniyatam from the region known as Kerala, Odyssey from Orissa, Frog from Urtapradesh, Kuchipudi from Andrapradesh, and Manipuri from Manipur. All dances are very general and give the audience a good play. India is also very rich in regional languages. Each area offers its own specialization depending on the category. Starting from rituals, weddings, sacrifices, and celebrations.

The dances follow the themes of Indian folk legends and mythology. The dance depicts gods such as Vishnu, Shiva, Sita, Lakshmi, and others. These dances are inspired by stories that describe the life and beliefs of Natives. To appreciate this dance, you need to understand Indian legends. Dancing is meant to show emotions, it is happiness, fear, anger, and joy.


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