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Know All About Your Punch Bags

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Boxing at any level is difficult. Do not be fooled thinking that, simply because you are a normal guy who does not want to fight at the Olympics and that you will not go to the extremes of professional guys that it will be easy, that's not the case. 

Boxing is the energy spot, you start punches and use feet to move around punching bags (which is also called ‘ sacs de frappe ’ in French) or an opponent brings them together for two minutes and you will soon be coming to feel it. 

All amateur and beginner boxes are based around a two-minute tower with a one-minute break between the rounds. This minute is still not used as a break. 

A very good way to increase your fitness level is perhaps a set of twenty sieves, pressures, burpees, crunchy, or star jumps. 

You can pause between the towers or other rounds, but make a series of these exercises will make a big difference and you will know that you have resulted in difficult training at the end of the session.

A lightweight bag should be used to develop fast typing skills. The trick consists of bringing the bag not to swing as savagely as you imagine that it would be. The idea is to move in the bag during the swing, striking it as it is on the way to your return, do not leave you. 

If you catch it strong and correctly because it is on the way back, it should be possible to stop it. 

The heavy bag is used only to develop your punching power. Once again, when the bag goes to you, try to connect with straight and solid right shots, making sure your arm is straight and that you contact the glove's articulation part or you risk twisting your wrist that can be very painful.


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