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Laser Hair Removal For Tanned Skin

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Laser hair removal is the most advanced solution to remove unwanted hair that grows in several parts of our body. However, hair removal is not guaranteed for everyone. There are several things to consider before undergoing such a treatment.

The decision and determination to improve your physical appearance by removing unnecessary hair on other parts of your body do not guarantee you can get treatment now. Therefore, you must first assess whether you meet these requirements. You can get more information on best ipl laser hair removal via

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Since laser hair removal is a pre-technological product and uses high-level laser equipment, this needs to be considered. People with darkly pigmented skin are less suitable for treatment because they tend to absorb more light energy. Doctors usually have to use high laser treatments for them.

Black patients with blond hair are not candidates. Blackened patients with black hair cannot be treated with conventional laser hair removal. 

Finally, the cost of treatment must be within the reach of the patient. Laser hair removal, although much cheaper than electrolysis, requires a lot of treatment and usually costs more than $1,000 for most anatomical areas.

Different skin types require different laser hair removal methods. Light skin makes laser hair removal easier. Fewer treatments are required and the results are better and faster compared to darker skin. Although people with dark skin can still be treated, the expected results are slower and more treatment is needed.

Dark hair absorbs more laser energy and is easier to care for. Coarse black hair responds best to laser treatment. Thin hair is more difficult to handle. Blond or red hair is very difficult to care for. Multiple treatment sessions are required and results vary.

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