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Perform a 10 Minute Inspection to Prevent a Fire in Your Home

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Fire protection is actually a very simple and uncomplicated thing. Get ready to go around your house and make it safer!

First, look around and think about your device. Is the cable in good condition or worn, or is the electrical component loose? If they get very hot during use, will they give off a spark or smell like something is burning. Repair or purchase a replacement if necessary. You can also find a fire system inspection agency through

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Second, make sure bedding and fabrics are not near or touching an electric panel heater if one is in your home. This can cause excessive heat build-up, which can eventually lead to a fire.

Third, be careful when using power strips or similar devices to extend contacts. Plugging too many devices into a power outlet is a common way to start a house fire. Switch the device to another contact or install a new contact when an alternative contact is not available. 

Also, don't use an extension cord as just a "permanent" cable. I've seen wires go through walls to act as additional outlets. This is dangerous because extension cords are not designed for this type of use.

Fourth, replace the standard outlet in the kitchen or bathroom with a grounded outlet. They are much safer than standard sockets in humid environments and can prevent electric shock and fire.

Lastly, make sure the bulb in your lamp is not stronger than recommended. This is another common cause of house fires.

By taking these simple steps and correcting any flaws, you will be successful in keeping your home safe. Start your test as soon as you think about it! Don't hesitate – your life may depend on it.

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