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Personal Brand Statements: Wordless Expression Of Idea

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Brand statements have been around as long as there have been goods and services. Campaigns have been around telling us about the experience we can expect from a brand for almost as long. Lately, there has been an extension to what has been coined the personal brand phenomenon. The new economy is full of global competition and the explosion of independents. You can also look for a professional personal brand coach via

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The need to stand out and show what you can do is a new core competency even the least sales oriented people are learning. But personal branding and the associated statements have been around as long as mankind. 

The personal brand statement has been coined by the classic marketing person turned career or executive coach – great at marketing concepts that work!

The recruiter and brand strategy person in me pays attention to the other definition of "statement". The wordless expression of an idea. In other words, if your personal brand statement, as well as mission and vision statements, are just words, then your brand will be exposed as just words. That first personal brand you can identify comes to mind because of results that stick.

The image was there related to the packaging of the brand. The brand statement and seal of proof was my experience with their passion and the consistency with the reputation of results. These people were talking with me about a future challenge that would ensure growth laced with mistakes. Mistakes you feel confident will prove valuable risk was taken.

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