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Picking The Perfect Lamp For Your Home

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Many interior designers and home design stores compare lamps to jewelry – when it comes to room decor, lights are not the main attraction, but they can still combine or separate anything you want to achieve. The key to finding the right light for any room is to look for specific sections that combine form and function.

Among modern lighting styles, materials such as porcelain or embossed crystals can add a classy look to your room, while the presence of a light floor lamp with a polished wood or metal base can add charm and texture to almost any room. 


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As for how it works, before installing the lamp it is worth asking the following question: what is its purpose? Are you planning to use these lights to enhance your decor? For reading? If your goal is to find the best reading light for your room, it may be okay to light up the entire room or send light to the ceiling.

If you're going to be using your lamp primarily for reading, you'll want a fairly transparent lampshade that doesn't catch the light. A light cloth lampshade must be made.

As a general rule for reading lamps and table lamps, the lampshade should be slightly more than half the height of the base. If the lamp is placed on the floor and emits more light, it is better to use a lampshade that is only a quarter of the height of the base.

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