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Preschool Learning Games As Part Of A Preschool Curriculum

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Preschool offers an introduction to a learning environment for children who are not yet old enough for Kindergarten. Children sometimes as young as 2 ½ and up until the age of five or the start of Kindergarten, meet several mornings or afternoons a week where they participate in organized activities designed to increase socialization and introduce educational fundamentals. Often included as part of these preschool curriculums are preschool learning games.

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As we know, young children learn best through play. During the course of play, they learn social skills such as taking turns and working together, as well as absorbing the fundamentals of the lesson without even realizing that they are doing so. Further, this particular age group is most receptive to learning new skills; their brains are like sponges, eager to soak up all that they see, hear, and experience. It is for this reason that preschool programs are generally play-based.

Preschool learning games are built into the curriculum to help foster these important lessons that will help children have a successful Kindergarten experience and, ultimately, a successful school career. Today's preschool learning games include a number of activities such as ball play that fosters hand-eye coordination, writing games that further fine motor skills, physical games that help promote gross motor skills, card games to help encourage memory retention, and games focused on books to instill a love of reading and language.

Many teachers will find creative ways to teach the basics such as ABCs, mathematics, social science, and history through preschool learning games and fun play.

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