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Proper Brow Grooming Services

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To get the best eyebrow shape for your face, it's often ideal to have an expert take care of it first. Some of the best techniques are listed below:

i) Benefits of pinching: The most popular plucking technique gives a clean and defined bow. 

ii) Benefits of Waxing: This inexpensive and fast method pulls hair down to the roots. 

iii) Requirements for thread trimming: This ancient Middle Eastern and Asian technique involves a technician twisting the threads and removing hairs caught in between. It is inexpensive and, in contrast to tweezers, which removes individual hairs, catches several at once. You can book an appointment via for the microblading services.

iv) For electrolysis: A technician inserts a thin metal probe into each hair follicle. The probe provides electricity, which after a few sessions should destroy the root forever. 

v) Stay Fit To make your brows look more Dietrich than Groucho after being professionally styled, follow these simple grooming steps.

1. In a well-lit area, use angled-tipped tweezers to trim the hair between the eyes, under the brow bone, and near the temples. If this area is too hairy, consider using a precision wax mask or a mini razor. To find your natural arch, brush your eyebrows up and out with a makeup comb or clean toothbrush.

2. Clean the hair from the bow. Tear several at a time. Step away from the mirror from time to time to assess your progress.

3. Reduce redness after using tweezers by rubbing an ice cube on the area. A little hydrocortisone cream can help, just enough to cover the tweezers area. If necessary, outline the eyebrows or fill in thin areas with pencil, powder, or lipstick. Unruly brows can also be applied with a clear gel or simply spray a little hairspray on an eyebrow brush or a clean toothbrush and comb.

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