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Redecorating With Vintage Floral Rugs

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Colorful vintage flower motifs on a black background are an interesting choice. This style creates drama in the room with the black contrast between the carpet and the floral print.

Vintage floral rugs can also be an option. If the floral rug is too much for your taste, you may want to go simpler. For more information about vintage floral rugs, you can navigate to this site.

vintage floral rug

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Large one-color flowers on the floor make a great visual effect. If you have florals on your walls or furniture, you may not want to add more flowers to the floor.

Your room seemed too full. While sun rugs and colored rugs go great together, remember not to have too many prints together. This will make your room appear much smaller and feel cramped.

Usually, there are so many colors to choose from on a rug that you end up with too many choices. When using fabric samples or small blocks from a floral carpet to help you make your decision, keep in mind that a larger print will make the room feel smaller than it is and you may not want to make it at all.

If you want to combine the color of the carpet with yours, try making it one of the less obvious colors. Green leaves can work well, or small purple leaves can be the color you want.

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