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The Arbitration Process Simplified

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Arbitration is a commonly used form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that is designed to allow parties in conflict to find lower cost, faster, and more efficient options to resolving civil lawsuits. 

It is considered part of the ADR group of conflict resolution options that can include direct negotiation or mediation as well as some types of facilitated conferences or meetings. For getting more information about alternative dispute services you can visit

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This ADR process can be used in a wide variety of different types of civil actions. They can include commercial disputes between companies or organizations, contract and labor disputes, consumer disputes, and, in some areas, arbitrators may even make decisions in family and divorce cases. 

The specific type of arbitrator and hearing format will vary based on the specific type of hearing and case. In some situations there may be a panel of arbitrators, typically three but there can be more, or in other cases, there will be a single arbitrator that hears the case.

The process is very similar to a judicial hearing and while some are more informal there are also very formal types of arbitrated hearings. Unlike a judicial hearing, the arbitrator is usually an expert in the subject matter or at least has some experience and knowledge of the subject. 

The arbitrator will also be more involved in the direct questioning and clarification of information from the parties involved in the dispute than a judge would be.

The arbitration will usually start with the parties swearing an oath that the information shared will be truthful and accurate and that they understand that the arbitrator's decision is binding. This means that the parties accept the arbitrator's decision as to the final decision in the processes.


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