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The Benefits Of A Family Primary Care Physician

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A family primary care physician (PCP) is a valuable resource for your family. Here are some benefits of having a PCP: 

-They're Familiar with Your Health History 

-They Can Diagnose and Treat Problems Early On 

-They're Good at Coordinating Care Across Multiple Specialists 

-They're Knowledgeable about complementary and alternative therapies

How to find a family primary care physician

If you're like most people, you may not have a family primary care physician. But don't worry – there are plenty of other providers out there who can help you maintain your health.

Types of Doctors: PCP vs. Family Doctor vs. Internist

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Here's how to find one: 

1. Ask around – your friends, family, and coworkers may know of someone who can help.

2. Check online – many hospitals and clinics list family primary care physicians in their directories or online search engines.

3. Talk to your doctor – Ask if you can be referred to a family primary care physician outside of your regular doctor's office. Many doctors will work with outside providers on a case-by-case basis.

When is it time for a change in physicians?

There are many reasons to consider a change in primary care physicians.

Here are five reasons:

1. The average length of stay has increased by 30% in the last decade.

2. More people are taking medication on a regular basis, which can lead to less interaction with their primary care physician.

3. The number of specialists available has increased, so patients may be seeing multiple doctors instead of just one primary care physician.

4. Patients are spending more time in the hospital and need a doctor who can provide comprehensive care for them when they're discharged.

5. Technology is changing so rapidly that it's difficult for doctors to keep up with new remedies and treatments.

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