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The Many Types Of Dyslexia

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Dyslexia was called "word blindness" and as such was isolated to describe only people with reading difficulties. 

As research has progressed, however, doctors and psychologists now recognize and describe many types of dyslexia.  You can learn more about dyslexia via to increase dyslexia awareness and provide resources for students and families who are struggling with this learning disability.

If we had to go back and use the archaic terms of yesteryear, we could now speak of digital blindness, the blindness of the motor function, writing blindness, and auditory blindness.

Nobody talks in these terms today and if you mentioned this kind of dyslexia to someone, they would not know what you're talking about, then examine each by using the more descriptive and correct terms for each type.

Dyscalculia can be one of the least known types of dyslexia. If you break the word and know a little Latin, you may have guessed that this type of dyslexia is the difficulty of capturing the concepts of mathematics and performing simple calculations. 

This type can also be characterized by problems of redemption time and spatial reasoning. Just as people diagnosed with dyslexia are not stupid, people with Dyscalculia are not stupid either, they have a disorder that comes from the brain that just requires a different approach to learning.

Dyspraxia is the diagnosis of people who have been considered clumsy or uncoordinated. This type of dyslexia is a problem of motor skills and can include the lack of coordination of speech, language, and perception.


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