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The Secret Of California White Wine

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California produces 90% of all wines produced in America. If California was a distinct country and a separate country, it would be the fourth biggest producer of wines in the world. Californian white and red wine are grown throughout the state of America and provide its winemakers with a wide variety of climates, as well as extensive geography in which more than a hundred varieties of grapes can be cultivated. 

The 19th century saw the California gold rush bring in many new people to California to search for gold. This meant that the population grew, and so did the demand for the wine. As a result, some of the oldest wineries in California were built and played a major role in the development of the California wine industry. The most famous California White Wine is Chardonnay which comes from varieties of Pinot Noir along with Gouais Blanc. You can also buy the best Spanish white wine.


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California's vineyards are geographically diversified, allowing it to support and cultivate grapes from various countries while producing its own distinct style of white or red wine. The most important wine regions are located in the region between the Pacific Coast and the Central Valley. The diverse topography allows cool winds and fogs to counterbalance the excessive sun and heat. 

There are some risks in California that could be threatening the vineyards, such as frosts in springtime and drought. However, the majority of California will get plenty of rain, and wineries will invest in wind-powered machines as well as sprinklers and other devices to keep the winery from becoming chilly. California's climate is classified as the Mediterranean, however, the cool currents that flow from the Pacific mean that it can also be classified by its continental climate, meaning that all varieties of grapes are able to be produced.


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