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Tips for Early Talent Engagement and Identification

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Be proactive when searching for skilled entry-level candidates.

The majority of us are aware that procrastination is never a good idea. When it comes to university recruitment, being proactive in connecting with and identifying talent could pay off in the hiring process for entry-level positions.

Being noticed by students in the early stages of their college career can influence your image and make your brand stand out as students begin to look for jobs.

Are you looking for innovative ways to promote your business to prospective candidates before they even begin? You can check for the premature talent agenda benchmarking online.

Here are options to think about:

Host events that educate juniors and seniors about your field.

If you're intending to work with certain colleges, plan an event that teaches students who are freshmen or sophomores about your business and its purpose. It could take an entire year before they're prepared to take on roles in your business, educating them on the possibilities you offer in the beginning can be an effective way to help to determine their academic goals and identify their interests in a career.

Make sure you invest in educational content in your business or industry.

If you aren't planning to hold specific events, you might want to invest in educational material that can get in front of students who are considering their options for careers.

Contact information for underclassmen on your early-careers opportunities page.

The most important thing you don't want to happen when a youngster is browsing your career page is for them to forget all about your business when it's time to submit applications for jobs further. 

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