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Tips for Extending the Life of Lithium-Based Batteries

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Lithium batteries are advancing rapidly, and they provide longer use times than nickel and lead based batteries. Their use has been adopted as the standard for most of the spy cameras, and other electronics on the market today.

Here are the tips to extend the life of your lithium-ion based electronic device.

However, the technology is not mature, and every few months new advances increase the battery life, resulting in longer recording times. On average, you can charge a lithium-ion battery 300 to 500 times before it won't take any more charges. You can also look for 18650 lithium ion battery online.

Lithium-ion batteries usually last 2-3 years. Finally, oxidation reduces internal resistance, as a result of which energy stored cannot be delivered even when the battery is being charged. Here are some things you can do to extend the life of your lithium battery.

1. Avoid constant full discharge: Li batteries prefer partial discharge over full discharge. You don't need to empty your battery as often, but need to recharge it more frequently every day if possible to ensure a long service life.

2. Recalibration: Battery meters such as laptops and cell phones offer a full discharge every 30 charges to recalibrate the battery. Just let it run until it stops, then charge it.

3. Store laptop battery properly: You can remove the battery from your laptop while you are supplying power. To maximize service life, store at low temperature at 40% capacity. Storing a hot battery at 100% capacity can halve its lifespan.

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