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Training of Employees – Need and Importance of Training

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Employees are trained after orientation. Training is the process of increasing the skills, abilities, and knowledge of employees to do certain jobs. The training process shapes employee thinking and leads to quality employee performance. It is sustainable and never ends in nature.

The importance of training

Quality employment workshops is essential for organizational development and success. This is beneficial for both employers and employees of the organization. The employee becomes more efficient and productive if he is properly trained.

Training is carried out for four main reasons:

New candidates who join the organization are trained. This training introduces them to the organization's mission, vision, laws and regulations, and working conditions.

Existing employees are trained to refresh and improve their knowledge.

When there are updates and changes in technology, training is provided to deal with these changes. For example the purchase of new equipment, changes in production techniques, computer implants. Employees are trained in using new equipment and work methods.

The benefits of training can be summarized as follows:

Improve employee morale – training helps employees achieve job safety and satisfaction. The more satisfied the employee and the better his morale, the more he contributes to the company's success and the lower the employee absenteeism and fluctuation.

Less supervision – A trained employee is accustomed to the job and needs less supervision. This way, less time and effort is wasted.

Fewer accidents – Errors may occur when employees lack the knowledge and skills required for a particular job. The better trained the employee, the lower the chance of an accident at work and the more experienced the employee will be.

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