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Video Sales Letter – Triple Your Conversions Using Video

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"Old-fashioned" long-form sales letters are dead. Okay, maybe they're not "DEAD", but they are on life-support. They are also the single biggest reason new marketers, just like you, FAIL online. Why? 1) They are nearly impossible for most marketers to write well.

Have you ever tried it? It's not easy to convey passion and enthusiasm in print if you have not had years of training doing it before. And even then it's hard. 2) Customers HATE reading them. 3) They simply don't work anymore… not even HALF.

Here's a sign of just how outdated the long-form sales letter really is if I've ever seen one… "King-Kong" Google won't even let you get traffic to long-form sales letters anymore! So creating them in today's market is a complete waste of time. That's why smart marketers have found a better way, using Video Sales Letter for their businesses. You can also get your business a creative video sales letter via

If you keep on clinging to old ways of doing things, to what used to work in the past but doesn't work anymore, you're as dead as a doornail. The only thing that's really working well these days to sell products online is video. But not the kind of super fancy and advanced videos you might be thinking about.

The kinds of videos are easy-to-create videos that literally take only minutes to make… where you don't have to show your face if you don't want to… You don't need a camera or great editing skills. In fact, the more simple you make the videos the better!


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