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What Are The Types Of Stone Restoration?

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Stone restoration is a popular form of home improvement that involves the removal and replacement of older stones in residential homes and commercial structures. To make the process easier for homeowners, many stone restoration companies make available a range of specialized tools and services.

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Here are five common types of stone restoration: 

1. Repairing Small Nicks And Scratches: This is the most common type of stone restoration, and it involves fixing small nicks and scratches on the surface of the stone. 

2. Restoring Damaged Surfaces: Sometimes, entire surfaces of a stone are damaged. In this case, restoration may involve repairing the stone's underlying structure, replacing missing parts, or painting over the damaged area. 

3. Removing Graffiti Or Other Artifacts: Sometimes graffiti or other artifacts need to be removed before a restored surface can be used again. These objects can be removed using various methods, including acid etching or grinding. 

4. Protecting Stone From Weather Damage: Stone can easily become damaged by weather conditions, which can lead to cracks and other damage. In some cases, protective coatings may need to be applied before restoration work can begin.

5. Engraving: This type of restoration involves etching symbols or images into the surface of the stone using a special tool, which then needs to be sealed in order to protect them from water and other elements.


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