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What do you mean by Scaled Agile Framework?

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SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework. It is a foundational stage that allows Agile software and systems to be scaleable. SAFe offers companies the same benefits as Scrum for Agile teams. SAFe’s primary goal is to ensure that development aligns with business goals.

SAFe is based on Agile policies and has five components.

  • Architecture
  • Integration
  • Governance
  • Funding
  • Roles

These components can be considered at three levels.

  • Team
  • Program
  • Portfolio

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Considerations for the team

SAFe has multiple teams to meet enterprise needs. Teams can work independently or in collaboration with others. Each team has its own duties but is still agile.

Each team will be composed of five to nine members who work together towards a particular programming goal, just as in agile methods.

Two key differences exist when SAFe is compared to other agile methodologies.

  1. Teams work together in interdependence.
  2. Both sprints can be done simultaneously.

SAFe’s unique aspect is its ability to create a rhythm that synchronizes all team activities. It is important to encourage reliability and not variability in the team programming environment.

Considerations for program considerations

A typical agile release series(ART), will consist of three to five teams working together on single software development for a particular program iteration (PI). The larger unit of measurement in the program is called the PI. The primary method of delivering value in a PI is through the agile release train.

All development made by the PI should be tested and demonstrated.

During an inspect and adjust session, you will examine the results in depth. Developers will identify and fix causal dependencies and improve the results during this session.

There are multiple roles for the program level:

  • System team
  • Product manager
  • System architect

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