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When Beauty Met Technology?

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Isn’t it crazy how convenient beauty is nowadays and no doubt it is all because of the technology growth? Similarly, it is at our ease to do hair removal for good in the comfort of our houses. At-home hair removal by Hey Silky Skin is the change we all needed against the hefty prices that skin clinics have been charging for hair removal services. At-home beauty tech devices are your one-time investment and worth every penny spent. Do check Hey Silky Skin reviews to see what our verified customers have to say about our product.

No doubt, it is quite frustrating when it comes to saloon visits and sparing out hours for your waxing or laser appointments. We understand the fast-paced world we all are living in, right? So don’t you worry anymore we got your back. Get your professionally done laser-like skin at your home, as our laser handset is a fraction of the cost. 

Everything has evolved with time so why not skincare?

You all know summer body is not ready without silky smooth skin. I know the feeling of seeing those celebrities with flawless and hairfree skin. But trust me that ain’t a dream for you anymore. At-home laser is one effective product to invest your money and trust in. 

The technology of laser hair removal is based on high-heat lasers or intense pulsed lights (IPLs) which dissolve the hair and partially disable the hair follicles. So that the hair follicles are not able to produce new hair way, the follicles won’t be able to produce new hairs for the coming few weeks.

Our technology is one of the advanced in the market. Our handset laser device is based on Intense Pulsed Light which is associated with painless and everlasting smooth skin. It not only cut the expenses but also provides you with saloon-like freshly waxed skin. Who doesn’t want to get rid of hair for the longest period of time, since no form of laser can provide you with the ‘permanent hair removal’. 

Since many users might start seeing results in 2-3 sessions of using the handheld laser but it does vary depending upon your skin type and hair growth, but you are going to see your desired result with your personal Laser hair removal handset from Hey Silky Skin Australia.

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