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Why Do You Need 3M Paint Protection Film

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This is a transparent thermoplastic urethane film that will protect your paint from the elements. It also helps reduce staining and damage from insects. It can also help add value to the final trade or lease as your paint will still look great with minimal bruising and other damage.

The material won't turn yellow and contains a UV protective agent that helps fight harmful ultraviolet rays that can fade in your color. As long as 3M paint safety film is properly applied to the fully cured paint, the painted surface will not be damaged when the film is removed.

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3M protective film (PPF), commonly referred to as "Bra Clear", is a high-quality transparent adhesive film used to protect large areas of vehicle exterior, eg. bumper, fender, headlamps, taillights, and hood.

This durable shield is military-grade and even reduces damage from minor accident effects! Auto Pickling maintains your car with the highest quality PPF on the market and a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Only a clear bra should be fitted by a highly qualified professional plumber to ensure the liner is properly positioned and remains in the vehicle for as long as possible. All of our work comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Experienced installers ensure that your 3M paint protection film is properly installed to protect your paint optimally for years to come.

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