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Why Should You Choose Normal Delivery?

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A pregnant woman needs to make several decisions during pregnancy. One most important decision which affects the newborn's life is a type of delivery and pain relievers. Normal delivery and cesarean C-section are two different approaches. 

Among these, natural birth is the most recommended and it is the healthiest option for pregnant women and the newborn. The various normal delivery and C-section frequently asked questions includes:

Which option is best for mother and child?

How much do you charge for a normal or C-section delivery?

When should I visit the hospital for delivery?


Effects of both processes on mother and child: 

Baby's health:

Natural delivery is a better option for a baby's health. Labor-induced birth without taking any pain medication has many health benefits for the newborn.

Due to the absence of pain medication in a pregnant woman's reproductive system, a baby is more alert and comes into the world as nature intended. Therefore, natural birth offers a better immunity system.

Expecting mother's health:

Normal delivery is a healthier option for an expecting mother too. A pregnant woman receives several benefits during this process.

The recovery time, as well as the hospitalization process, is much shorter than a cesarean or C-section operation. An expecting mother will recover within hours and can enjoy basic movements such as walking. C-section is a highly stressful operation for an expecting mother as well as a baby.



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